Learn to Love the Spreadsheet!

My dream boyfriend is cool, always available, calculating… and a spreadsheet?!  It’s true, I have a secret love affair with spreadsheets.  I absolutely cannot get my hands off them. Sometimes I dream of coming home, slipping into something comfortable, and getting down and dirty in the spreadsheets.

I’m so sorry for that imagery, but I really wanted to drive home the idea that I love making spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets have a bad rap for being boring and only for people who like math *Bleh*.  But if anything, I think spreadsheets are best for people who DON’T love math.  They do all the math for you!

Spreadsheets are the best budgeting tool at your disposal.  They make is easy to adjust numbers and data if it changes.  You can also make colorful graphics so the data is easy to read. Instead of estimating 12% of your income, you can use a spreadsheet to calculate the exact number for your budget.

Unfortunately, many high school and college students never learn how to use a spreadsheet much less how helpful they can be.  Although not hard to learn how to use at the beginner level, there are many spreadsheet commands that can be hard to figure out on your own. Advanced mastery of spreadsheets is an impressive skill that requires mathematical knowledge and knowing where to look.

Knowing how to use a spreadsheet is crucial for many jobs. Thankfully, it’s easy to find learning resources if you need some extra help. Online there are Youtube tutorials and blogs that provide a quick answer to any problems. If online learning isn’t your forte, then check your local community college for classes! That is probably the best way to learn, as you will have an instructor available to answer any questions.


Do you love spreadsheets as much as I do? What’s your most impressive spreadsheet feat?


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