Is an $800 Artificial Tree Worth It?

Many people opt for artificial trees to save money during the holidays. Splurging on an expensive tree may seem cost effective, but there are some questions to consider. In order to be saving money over a real tree, you will have to keep the artificial tree for about 8-10 years.

Do you have enough space?

You may have enough room to store a tree now, but will you have the same space in another 10 years? If you plan on downsizing homes in the future, an expensive tree may not be for you.

Can you store it properly?

Plastic is sensitive to heat and humidity. Leaving a tree in your attic may cause the plastic to break down faster. You can buy proper storage bags online, but many people rarely plan so far ahead. Make sure you are the type of person who is willing to carefully store the tree to protect it from heat, humidity, and rats.

Will you miss a real tree?

Getting a real tree is not easy. You have to drive out to a lot to pick a tree, tie it to your car, decorate it, and remember to water it. Although it is more work, for many people it is an important tradition of Christmas! Is this something you will miss doing with your family? Perhaps even more important, will your family be mad if you suggest an artificial tree? Many react with shock and anger at the thought of a lifeless plastic tree each year. Ask your family before you purchase an artificial tree.

Is the tree of good quality?

You have decided to buy a higher-end artificial tree, now you have to do some research. Make sure the tree is durable and of high-quality plastic or another material. It would be a shame to take the tree out after only a few years to find it turns to ash when you touch it. Check reviews online, especially for customers who have used it more than once.

Did you make the switch to an artificial tree? How did you feel about it? Tell us in the comments below!

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