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How could the Robinhood Recap be improved?

Spotify popularized yearly recaps that show you what music you listened to this year. It gives you a list of your top songs, new genres, and how long you spent listening to music. Snapchat followed shortly after, using AI to analyze your images and create a montage to look back on the previous year.

Robinhood, an investment app tailored to younger people, has now followed suit with the Robinhood Recap.

If you have a Robinhood account, you can find the Recap in your messages from the “Announcements” bot.

Currently, the recap includes:

1.) The first day you joined Robinhood
2.) The first stock you bought.
3.) On average, how often you checked your investments in a week.
4.) The number of trades made that year.
5.) The top 3 stocks you checked the most.
6.) How many companies you added to your watchlist.
7.) If you traded cryptocurrency.
8.) Sectors you invested in.
9.) Total dividends.

What’s great about the Robinhood Recap?

I do, overall, love the Robinhood Recap. Since most of the investors on Robinhood are younger, this is a great way to get them talking about their investments with friends.

Most of the categories are fun. It was cool to see how often I checked Robinhood in a week (I was 2 days a week). My favorite category is where Robinhood tells you the top 3 stocks you looked at and how often you checked them. I have seen a lot of different memes on this one including this one below:

This user checked Tesla 14,051 times in a single year.

This user looked at Tesla’s stock 14,051 times in 2020. That is about 56 times a day for every trading day! I hope Robinhood’s “You are just a little attached” is meant to be sarcastic.

Robinhood did a great job on the design and the art. In the visuals, I think it may even look better than Spotify’s Recap. If anyone reading this knows the artist for the recap, let me know, I would love to credit them.

The first slide on the Robinhood Recap.

What needs improvement?

I’m not a big fan of the swiping down to see the next page on the recap. I would prefer a side scroller. I was also not a fan of the slide that told you which sectors you invested in being the only one with multiple panels to swipe through.

My biggest complaint is that there was no slide telling you your current growth (or loss) from January 1st to December 21st. That information is easily available on the homepage, but it would have been fun to have it in a more easily shareable form.

Here’s a list of improvements I think would be interesting:

1.) Year to date growth.
2.) Your most popular trading times.
3.) What stock you purchased the most of (in value)
4.) What stock gave you the most dividends.
5.) What percentage of other Robinhood users own the same stocks.

I’m not sure when they decided to implement a Recap, but I’m hoping that next year, with more data gathered and available to them they can add several new features.

The final slide of the Robinhood Recap.

What did you think of the recap? Share your recap with us in the comments below!

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