2021 Financial Independence Bingo Game

Early Start Retirement’s first official 2021 Bingo Game for people interested in getting a head start in financial independence. Get a BINGO by crossing off 5 in a row, or aim for a black-out by doing every square!

Saving for retirement can be hard. It is difficult to stay motivated for something that may be 10-40 years in the future. By breaking big goals into smaller goals it can be easier to keep up with your long-term financial plans.

The Bingo Game creates a fun checklist for you to keep up with all the small things that go into creating a diverse retirement portfolio.

The 2021 Financial Independence Bingo

You can save this image or download the better quailty PDF.

The downloadable PDF is available below:

Share your results with us! How many financial goals can you complete in January 2021?

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