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Delphia – Smart Investing Review: Can AI Improve Your Investments?

It’s no secret these days that companies are making lots of money by selling our data online. From Facebook to Robinhood, companies are cashing in on users data.

With all this data trading going on, is there anyway that YOU can make money off of your data? This is the question that Delphia tries to answer.

“Delphia is a totally now breed of investment firm that turns your data into an unfair investing advantage. We put collective data to work to make our artificial intelligence smarter, so it can predict which companies and trends are about to make it big.”

From Delphia on the Itunes App Store

I discovered Delphia through an Instagram advertisement. I was attracted to the idea of taking control of my financial data.

I have only had Delphia for 2 weeks, so I can’t speak to all of Delphia’s features personally. The company also seems to be in its beginning stages. I fully expect this article to be out of date in a year.

What does Delphia do?

Delphia’s users connect their social media accounts so that the Delphia Artificial Intelligence can begin collecting data from user’s profiles. Once collected, the AI look for trends that can help Delphia make stock decisions in emerging markets. The idea it that the AI will be able to find trends faster than humans and make smarter investment descisions.

When you connect your social media apps into Delphia, you join a pool of other investors data. So investment descisions are not made on only your data, but everyone who has a connected Delphia account. There are also rewards available to investors who share their data with Delphia through the Data Dividend.

What kind of apps can you connect to Delphia?

Delphia gives you a lot of options for what apps you can connect.

You could cheat the system by connecting social media accounts you don’t use anymore just to get Delphia for free, but this would make you less eligible for the Data Dividend (see below).

Here’s the list from Delphia’s Blog:

Money & Spending

  • Bank
  • Robinhood
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Email Receipts

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

Mobile Device Stats

  • Location
  • Health
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Motion & Fitness

With so many options, I doubt many people would have problems finding a social media to connect. If you do have an application you wish was included, you can get in contact with Delphia and ask them to consider adding it.

The Data Dividend!

This is absolutely the most intriguing thing that attracted me to Delphia! The Data Dividend gives users with connected social media accounts a fraction of the money Delphia collects from paying customers based on the usefulness of the data.

This serves as incentive to both attract users to Delphia and get more accounts connected. With more social media accounts, theoretically Delphia can make more useful investment decisions for its users.

You can choose to reinvest the Data Dividend or withdraw it.

Here is a quote from the Delphia blog on the Data Dividend:
“Based on your ranking, you receive a fraction of the fees that we collect from our investors. This is your data dividend and it is based on a combination of your weekly activities and your long-term commitment to the community. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the bigger your data dividend.”

How much does Delphia cost?

I signed up for Delphia during a promotional event that gives users discounts depending on the number of social media accounts they connect. Since I connected Reddit, Instagram, and Snapchat, my Delphia account is free!

If you choose to not connect any social media account, Delphia is $10/month. OUCH! If you plan on signing up for Delphia, I would definitely recommend connecting your social media accounts. $10 is really expensive unless you plan on keeping thousands of dollars with them.

Is Delphia insured?

Yes! Delphia is insured by the Apex Clearing Corporation. Even if Delphia goes out of business, your money is protected. Here is a quote from the founder on Delphia’s blog:

“SIPC insurance covers up to $500,000 in securities for each type of account you hold with Delphia and up to $250,000 in cash. Above and beyond this, Apex has secured excess SIPC insurance that provides an additional $150 million of coverage across all its clients.”

What I like about Delphia.

I like the simplicity of the sign-up process. It took me just a couple of minutes to connect my social media account and start my first transfer.

Throughout the sign-up process, you get emails from the companies founder, Cameron. I thought this was a nice, personal touch. (I know the emails are automated, but it is nice to pretend.) It’s helpful to put a face to the company.

The idea that I could have some sort of “ownership” over my data was a big selling point for me. Although I am always suspicious of companies promising ways to beat the market, I think the technology sounds interesting.

The Data Dividends are a big draw. Turning investing and sharing information into a competition with a leaderboard is a really innovative idea for their business model.

What needs improvement.

This app is very new, so I am going to go easy on it for a lot of things. I’m sure that once they get more capital and feedback from users these will be easy to improve bugs.

I wish you could create an account that was mostly weighted towards funds controlled by the Delphia AI. Currently, you can pick between a Conservative, Balanced or Aggressive portfolio. I am on the aggressive portfolio. Since I already have most of my index funds with Acorns, I had hoped to make this portfolio as aggressive as possible.

The app is missing a lot of helpful information and has a confusing user interface.

My Delphia portfolio after 1.5 weeks.

Above is an image of the “Invest” tab on Delphia. It reminds me a lot of Acorns in its early stages!

My biggest complaint for the “Invest”/Home tab is that there are no dates! Ideally, I want to be able to slide my finger across the graph to see my portfolios value and the date. Currently, it will tell you the portfolio’s value, but not the date.

My second biggest complaint is the arrow next to “portfolio”. I KEEP TRYING TO CLICK THE “>”! I have done this about 5 times! When will I learn? I hope they remove the arrow soon.

From what I can tell the Data Dividend feature has not been rolled out. There is no information about it on the App currently. I assume/hope that when it does become available there will be a tab for it on the app.

Finally, in order to find most of the information for this post, I had to search through the Delphia website. I think having more of this information available on the App would be beneficial.


I’m not a big fan of any investment vehicle that attempts to “beat the market”, but that’s just me. I think for Delphia’s goal of attracting younger investors this rhetoric will serve them well. On the other hand, although Delphia’s advertising tries to brand itself as a more aggressive investment fund, the actual investment vehicles seem quite tame. Most of the portfolio’s are weighted around ETF’s.

I would say this app has a lot of potential. In a few years, I could see this app being a big contender with Acorns and Robinhood. (Click here to read more about Acorns vs. Robinhood.)

If you are interested in profiting of your data, then give Delphia a try. Due to the newness of the company however, I wouldn’t recommend anyone make Delphia there main investment account yet. Once the Data Dividend feature is rolled out investors will have a better idea of this apps long-term potential.

Click here to be redirected to Delphia’s website.

Have you used Delphia? Share what you think and what excites you about Delphia in the comments below!

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