How To Start Investing Young

1.) Figure out how you can cut costs or make a little more money each week.

Even if it’s just a few dollars a week, those can add up.  Plus, you will develop good financial habits!

2.) Start an investment account.

Thanks to smartphones and computers it’s easy to start an investment account for free in just a few minutes! Make sure to compare prices or look for special student deals if you are eligible.

3.) Set up consistent contributions.

Either a portion of each paycheck or a set amount each week, it’ll quickly add up.

4.) Ask your employer about matching investments

If you are working full-time, your company may provide you 401k benefits where they will match your contributions.

5.) Never give up!

Even if it may be tempting to use the money for a new car or impulsive shopping spree, you shouldn’t pull money out of your investment account unless it’s for an emergency.  (Also, you could face penalties for withdrawing money.)

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