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How to start investing young?

Congratulations! By looking up this question you are likely way ahead of people your age in planning for retirement and investing. Most people are woefully unprepared to retire and never learn the basics of investing. First, how old are you? In general, you have to be 18 to […]

Netflix Method for Building Credit

Sticking to a budget is easier when you know how much you are going to pay each month.  That’s why subscription services are so great, you don’t have to budget in the number of times you use the service. Just like the Gas Method of building credit, my completely […]

Compound Interest: When Less is More

Did you know that you can invest less money, but still end up with more money saved for retirement? Because interest is compounding, money you invest grows larger the longer it is invested. Compounding interest means that your interest is earning interest. That means that if you invest […]

Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid

Getting your first credit card can be a scary experience. Credit card debt can grow exponentially if you’re not careful and can affect your ability to buy a car, a house, or even get a job. Ideally, spending money you don’t own is never a good idea, but it’s not always practical.  Whether for building credit, or making end of month payments, here’s the most common credit card mistakes new credit card users make.